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VE Celebrations

On Friday VE Celebrations marked the day that World War 2 ended in 1945. The residents at Wilton Court, Denton had a fabulous day celebrating this event together whist social distancing. They were joined by the Dane Bank Characters.


Linda, resident at Wilton Court said

‘It was a lovely morning. All of the residents were over the moon as they have been confined to their flats for some weeks now. Some don’t have the opportunity to come outside as they are house bound but they made it out for this lovely occasion.  It is very rare to see Cath or Tommy outside of their flats due to their health so it was an extra special occasion.  It was very emotional as a number of residents recall living through the war and were able to share this with their neighbours’

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Arcon have made a donation of £200 to save the Denton West End Community Library