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The Women’s Personal Safety course

The Women’s Personal Safety course was a 5-week course focused on empowering women by giving them the practical knowledge, skills and confidence to defend themselves when necessary.

The course begins with awareness, preventions, risk reduction and risk avoidance. The personal safety course gives the women simple but effective physical techniques to defend themselves against assault and sexual assault.

The course encourages women to find their voice, believe in themselves and their strengths and developing both inner and physical strength.

The course was a mix of physical defence techniques and also learning about the facts and figures of crime rates, statistics towards assault and sexual assault and how self-defence fits in with law.

Self-defence techniques and breakaway moves included using a range of body parts, so if you felt more comfortable using a certain body part- it can still be very effective.

The confidence of the women who attended the course, increased massively throughout the 5 weeks, the women stated that at the end of the sessions they felt ‘powerful’ and ‘strong