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Stars of the Community Awards 2022

Arcon community star

Valery Touchet was awarded the Arcon community star for her work in helping the local community in Gorton to learn how to fix and make their own clothes, creating clothes swaps to become more sustainable while teaching her members a valuable skill and making friends.

Valery said: “It takes 500 years for a piece of garment to destroy underground so that’s why I brought the idea of clothes swap and giving people sewing skills so they can alter their own clothes at home and help the community and the environment we live in by wearing clothes again and again and swap between ourselves.

“I’ll be proud of myself if somebody says that they learned to hem a trouser of skirt because of me. I just want to share my skills with the people I love in Gorton.”

Bolton at Home Group comprises Bolton at Home and Arcon Housing Association, both registered providers and charitable Community Benefit Societies.

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The Gorton Craft and Wellbeing Group is a weekly art project for women, where members support each other to express themselves through painting, jewellery making, photography and other craft pursuits, culminating in a range of showcases earlier in the year.