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Bolton at Home Consultation Exercise

Arcon have completed a consultation exercise with our tenants following the receipt of an offer from Bolton at Home to join their group structure. This exercise consisted of a variety of methods to inform and engage with our tenants.

They included the following:

  • Initial statement and regular up dates on progress posted onto our website.
  • An initial letter with information about the approach sent to all tenants in September 2018  inviting comments, with a more detailed letter sent out to all tenants in December 2018 again inviting comments on the proposal.
  • The Chief Executive attended two meetings with the Tenant Scrutiny Committee to discuss the proposal, answer any questions they had, and ensure that this feedback was passed to Arcon’s Board.
  • A drop-in session with the Operations Director was held at our Blackley surgery and details of the session were posted onto our website and several nearby estates received leaflets about the event.
  • Overall the responses we received were very positive about the proposal and the opportunity to build more homes. The main concerns that were raised were around whether tenant’s rent would go up and would they remain an Arcon tenant. We were able to confirm that the rent will not increase, and everyone will remain an Arcon tenant.

The results of the consultation were collated and reported in the Detailed Business Plan which was presented to the Arcon Board. The Board noted the feedback and acknowledged that it did not change the proposal from Bolton at Home. Both boards have now agreed to proceed to the completion of the process, and Arcon will join the Bolton at Home group on 1st April 2019.

We would like to thank all our tenants that took part in the consultation exercise. We can reassure you that the services that we provide to you will not change, and our aim is that we will be able to provide an enhanced service to you in the future.