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GMHP Survey for Arcon Tenants

We are a member of Greater Manchester Housing Providers partnership (GMHP). Between us we house 1 in 5 people across Greater Manchester. We contribute millions of pounds to the Greater Manchester economy and support more than 28,000 full-time jobs across local communities. We are in business to ensure that everyone in the City Region can live in a quality home that they can afford.

Pension Credit

Unclaimed millions can top up incomes for the region’s older generation

People living in Greater Manchester are being encouraged to top up their weekly income by applying for a multi-million-pound pot of unclaimed government funds.

Arcon Pet Guide 2021

Arcon have developed a Pet Guide for our customers. Our tenancy agreements state you need permission to keep a pet in any of our flats and houses. This guide tells you how to apply to us for approval to keep a pet and also provides useful information for pet owners and  what to do in cases of pet nuisance.

Flu Vaccine

The flu virus kills thousands of people each year and hospitalises even more. The vaccine is the best protection and getting one is easy.

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