Governance and Regulation

How we are regulated

Arcon Housing Association is an exempt charity, registered with the , the Government agency that sets out the regulatory standards we are expected to comply with. These cover our governance, financial viability, value for money and rent setting as well as the services our customers can expect to receive.

Our Board

We achieve good governance through regular meetings of our well-balanced Board and its committees. Board Members are appointed for their specialist knowledge, wide experience, personal qualities, independence and impartiality. They are responsible for providing long-term, strategic direction for Arcon. They also scrutinise our performance, making sure financial information is accurate and that our controls and risk management systems are robust and defensible.

Open and transparent working

Our Board and staff team work in an open and transparent way, publishing details of our policies, performance and achievements on our website, in our customer newsletters, in our Value for Money Statements and in our Annual Reports & Financial Statements.