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Reviving communities with new affordable housing -

Humphrey Road, Trafford launch

Delighted to have met families moving into their new homes in Trafford at the launch of our latest regeneration initiative.

The scheme has delivered four much-needed new two-bed homes for shared ownership on a challenging infill site which had remained vacant for 25 years, after four terraced houses were demolished.

It was also fantastic for Arcon’s Board members to meet Paul Dennett, Greater Manchester’s Combined Authority portfolio holder for Housing, Planning and Homelessness, who spoke at our launch.

I happen to think this is as good an infill site regeneration initiative as you are likely to see and is a great example of partnership working, including our contractor Tyson Construction and Mike Stewart Architects, who worked alongside our specialist development team.

It was great to also meet Joanne Hyde, Director of Transformation and Resources for Trafford Council and Councillor Tracy Kelly, Lead Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods for Salford City Council, at the launch.

Speaking at the launch, Paul Dennett said:

“I think what you have achieved here is absolutely phenomenal and at the prices in Trafford is absolutely fantastic. There’s not a lot of Housing Associations doing this sort of infill work across Greater Manchester. I’m delighted to continue to work with you to meet our housing need within the city region. We are stronger together and the only way we will tackle the housing crisis is by working collaboratively across a range of tenure types.”

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New Find a job service for Jobseekers


Just a quick reminder that the Universal Jobmatch system is closing on June 17th to be replaced by a new service called Find a job.


You can create an account now on the new Find a job website, which will let you search and apply for thousands of jobs.


Your details will not be transferred from Universal Jobmatch to the new Find a job service, so please make sure you have your CVs, covering letters, job search activity and job application history saved.

If you have any questions about this then either speak to your work coach or go to and a member of the Universal Jobmatch team will reply to you.


Stand Up To Cancer Bake Sale


Well done to staff who baked a selection of mouth-watering cakes to raise funds for charity. The annual Stand Up To Cancer fundraising campaign takes developments in the labs and accelerates them into brand new tests and treatments for cancer patients who need them right now.


Grenfell Tower Inquiry


Almost a year on, it has been humbling to hear from the families of the victims in the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. The hearing has brought to light incredible acts of bravery from residents protecting others during the disaster.


Days after the fire, Arcon’s Board took the swift and decisive decision to install sprinklers at our only high rise at Arundel Court in Blackley, in order to protect the safety of our residents. You can read our news article on this here.


As always, if you have any issues or would like to get involved in our Tenant Scrutiny Committee, please contact our Customer Hub on 0161 2144120.