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Estate Walkabouts


Estate Walkabouts give you the opportunity to join your housing officer and other Arcon staff to check that the services we provide are meeting the agreed standard. It gives us the chance to work with you to identify any problems, discuss the solutions and find ways we can improve your community, making your neighbourhood a better place to live. Everyone is welcome to join in. The walkabouts usually take place in early summer and they are publicised in our spring newsletter, and on this page of our website. If you are interested in attending please contact your housing officer.

Here are some of the things that we have done as a result of our estate walkabouts.

Walkabouts Spring 2015

This year’s Spring walkabouts took place at the end of April. We aim to resolve all the issues raised at the walkabouts by mid-June at the latest and tenants will receive minutes of the walkabouts at their schemes. Thank you to everyone who took part.