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Antisocial Behaviour

Arcon take all reports of antisocial behaviour seriously and do not want you to ever suffer in silence.

What is antisocial behaviour?

What can you do?

Before you report antisocial behaviour, stop and consider whether the problem can be resolved by talking. Your neighbour may not even realise the impact their behaviour is having. If you approach your neighbour and the antisocial behaviour continues please contact Arcon by calling our office on 0161 214 4120.

Please do not try and negotiate with your neighbour if you are experiencing behaviour of a violent nature. You must contact the police and your housing officer.

In most cases your Housing Officer will ask you to complete Diary Sheets so that we can establish the key facts about the incidents. These can be downloaded here - Diary Sheet. Please read this guide for assistance in completion  - A guide for completing Diary Sheets

What can we do?

We can call, write to or visit the person causing the antisocial behaviour.

In cases of non violent antisocial behaviour we can arrange mediation. This works well in cases where calm communication between the parties concerned is an issue.

Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC)—This is signed by the tenant (or other person causing the nuisance) and witnessed by the Housing Officer and local Police Officer. It sets boundaries about the types of behaviour that are not acceptable and is seen as an opportunity for the person to change their behaviour without the need for us to take legal action.

Tenancy warnings—We may choose to warn a tenant in writing that if their antisocial behaviour continues we will take court action to stop them from behaving in such a way.

Injunctions—This is an order from the court which can be used for any person aged 10 or over if the court is satisfied that this person has acted in an antisocial manner or threatened to do so. They can be used to enforce the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, to stop a person from committing specific acts of nuisance or to prevent a person from having contact with victims. In cases where there has been or there is a threat of violence a power of arrest can be attached. They can also have positive requirements attached to them such as the requirement to attend drug or alcohol rehabilitation sessions or work with tenancy support services. This is a civil order so the person does not get a criminal record however if they break the terms of the injunction they can receive an unlimited fine or could be sent to prison for up to 2 years.

How can you report?

Contact us to tell us what is happening. If you phone us out of normal office hours, your housing officer will be notified the following working day.

For more information read our Antisocial Behaviour leaflet.