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Tenant Responsibility

Rechargeable repairs

When a repair is undertaken that is considered the tenant’s responsibility then all costs incurred will be fully rechargeable.

Where damage to the fabric of the building is the result of a break-in, vandalism or a dispute then this must be reported to the police. You will be issued a Rechargeable Repair Notification which must be completed and returned to the office to allow an assessment of the details surrounding the repair. Where a repair has arisen following break-in, attempted break-in, vandalism or a dispute, a Police log number or Crime Incident Number must be provided. Depending on the circumstances, a repair may still remain fully rechargeable even after a Police log number or Crime Incident Number has been provided.

Tenants are responsible for:

Any damage caused by yourself or people visiting your home.

Any damage caused by neglect or misuse.

Some minor repairs: