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Repair Service

When tenants report that a repair is needed they have a right to expect that the Association will respond within a certain period of time.

If a tenant is unhappy about the speed of the service, he or she has the right to ask for a written explanation of why the response time was not complied with.

Initial Information to Tenants

Either at the time of their first call, or by a follow-up call from Arcon, tenants reporting repairs will normally be given the following initial information:

  1. Whom they can expect to come round, for example a contractor, a Maintenance Officer or a Housing Officer, depending on the nature of the repair and the need for a pre-inspection.
  2. When they might expect the first visit and the response time associated with the type of repair requested.
  3. Why the work may be delayed or may not be done, for example repairs which are the tenant’s responsibility.

Response times for repairs

Within 24 hours—emergencies

Respond and repair or overcome the worst effects of:

Note : *In all circumstances break-ins or attempted break-ins must be reported to the Police and a Crime Incident Number obtained.

Within 3 working days—urgent repairs

Respond and where necessary effect temporary repairs or supply temporary appliances.

Within 10 days—non urgent repairs

Within 20 working days—routine repairs

Within 90 working days—major repairs and insurance claims

Repairs to Central Heating and Hot Water Supplies

Liberty Gas have been instructed to provide a comprehensive Service Contract for the repair of central heating boilers. This service ensures an annual visit and safety check and if a breakdown occurs, priority attention, free labour and parts.

Liberty Gas have undertaken, subject to workload and labour availability, to call within 24 hours, in response to any breakdown or failure of the central heating.

If you require repairs, please do not contact this office during office hours, but ring Liberty Gas on telephone number 0330 333 5786 or by email on, quoting your full postal address including post code and stating that you are an Arcon tenant. Please telephone 0161 214 4120 if calling out of office hours.

So that we are able to monitor the performance of Liberty Gas, repair monitoring forms are available on request from the office. These should be returned immediately if you consider the service received to be inadequate.

Heating and Insulation

Funds may be available to improve existing heating and insulation and if you consider these could be improved please inform the Maintenance Department in writing.

Rechargeable repairs

Where a repair is undertaken that is considered the tenant’s responsibility then all costs incurred will be fully rechargeable. To avoid unnecessary expense please refer to the Repair Guide.

Where damage to the fabric of the building is the result of a break-in, vandalism or a dispute then this must be reported to the police. You will be issued a Rechargeable Repair Notification which must be completed and returned to the office to allow an assessment of the details surrounding the repair. Where a repair has arisen following break-in, attempted break-in, vandalism or a dispute, a Police log number or Crime Incident Number must be provided. Depending on the circumstances, a repair may still remain fully rechargeable even after a Police log number or Crime Incident Number has been provided.