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Supporting Documents

What you will need

Your housing application will need to be accompanied by a number of documents, details of which are set out below.


You will need to provide two references and if you are submitting a joint application, two references per applicant. The people providing your references must have known you for at least one year.

If you are currently a tenant or you have been a tenant, within the last three years, one of your references must be from your landlord/former landlord and the second from someone falling into one of the categories appearing in the list below. If no tenancy/former tenancy is involved, you must provide references from two people, taken from the categories below. Please note that we do not accept references from family or friends.

  1. Current employer
  2. Former employer (within last 2 years)
  3. Social Worker
  4. Teacher / lecturer
  5. Probation Officer
  6. Doctor
  7. Solicitor
  8. Priest
  9. Health Visitor.

Documents/evidence to support your application

We require you to provide proof of your reasons for needing rehousing. This is to prevent fraudulent applications and to ensure a fairer system. You will be required to provide one document from each of the categories below. In the case of a joint application we require one document for each applicant. We will accept photocopied documents but may make checks to ensure the validity. Please note that you should not send original passports or birth certificates in the post.

A. Proof of Identity

Copy of birth certificate or passport or driving licence or IND/BIA card

B. Proof of National Insurance number

Copy of National Insurance card or copy of benefit order book or benefits agency letter or wage slip or P45/60

C. Proof of current address

Copy of current tenancy agreement or water bill or gas bill or electric bill or bank statement or driving license

Supporting documentation

If your application relies on any of the following circumstances you must provide evidence to support this. Below are examples of accepted documentation: