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Frequently asked questions

Which properties can I apply for?

You can only apply for schemes that have an open waiting list. Please email for details of which waiting lists this applies to.

How will my application be assessed?

Your application will be assessed and placed in date order in a priority group dependent on your housing need. Priority 1 is for the most severe cases of housing need.

Do I need to provide references/supporting documentation?

Please see our Supporting Documents page to learn exactly what you will need to provide.

Why do you do a home visit?

It is our policy to visit an applicant prior to any offer of accommodation being made. The purpose of this visit is to confirm the details of your application and the identity of the applicant. If the application is joint, both applicants must be present. An offer of accommodation cannot be made without an applicant being visited.

How long will I be waiting for an offer of accommodation?

Your length of time on the waiting list will depend on the frequency of vacancies at the schemes for which you have chosen. Please note that acceptance onto the waiting list does not guarantee that we will make you an offer of accommodation.

Is the waiting list regularly reviewed?

We review each waiting list every 6 months and if you have been accepted onto a waiting list, you will be asked to confirm whether you wish to remain on the list. You will normally be notified, of the review, by text message. If you do not respond, we will remove you from the list. If you change your phone number, you should notify us at Please make sure that you include your application number and name and address, in your email.

What if my circumstances change?

You must to notify Arcon immediately of any change to your circumstances which may be relevant to your application.