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Application Form Help

How to fill in the application form online

You can use this online Housing Application form to apply for all Arcon Housing Association properties with the exception of those let through Manchester Move (Crumpsall, Gorton, Levenshulme, Longsight, Whalley Range).

Once you have sent us your completed application you will be entered onto our waiting list for your chosen areas. The length of the lists vary by area. You will receive an email or letter informing you of your position on the list. If we are unable to offer you a vacancy within 6 months we will contact you by text or letter asking you to confirm that you still want to move and remain on our waiting list. If you do not respond we will remove your application from the waiting list.

Enclosed in your application pack is:

Application Checklist

The purpose of the checklist is to ensure that your application is complete and that you have sent all of the necessary documents. Please do not tick the reference box if they are being sent separately.

Application for Housing

Section 1 – Your details (Page 1)

Section 2 - Your household (Page 2)

Section 3 – Where do you want to live (Page 2)

Section 4 – Why do you want to move (Page 3)

Section 5 – Where do you live now (Page 3)

Section 6 – Where have you lived (Page 4)

Section 7 – What is your household income (Page 4)

Section 8 – How did you find out about us (Page 4)

Section 10 – Statement (Page 5)

Landlord Reference

Non landlord Reference

Additional Medical Form

How to return your application form