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Values & Objectives

Arcon’s Corporate Plan

Arcon Housing Association’s Board of Management has recently approved a new five year Corporate Plan (2016-2021) with the dual aims of modernising our organisation and seeking new ways to grow and diversify our activities, during a time of great uncertainty.

Our Board wishes Arcon to remain an independent organisation and sees the approach outlined, in the new plan, as the best way for Arcon to remain able to deliver high quality, value for money services whilst maximising its contribution in meeting the wide range of housing needs that exist across the North West region. Read our new Corporate Plan, in full (powerpoint file) 

New Vision statement

‘To create a new dynamic, highly distinctive and independent regional housing group, that provides a variety of high quality services and offers different tenures to suit individual needs and aspirations’.

Mission (our core purpose)

Guiding Principles and beliefs

These underpin everything we do and the way we work. They are:

We believe in: