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History & Background

Arcon’s Background

Originally known as Arcon Housing Association (Cost Rent) Limited, our Association was formed in 1972. We dropped ‘Cost Rent’ from our name in 1975, becoming known as Arcon Housing Association Limited. Over the 40 plus years that Arcon has been in existence, we have built or acquired over 1,200 properties, primarily in Greater Manchester. Our housing stock is a mixture of new build and refurbished dwellings, developed through the Affordable Homes Programme, specialist housing, market rent properties and shared ownership homes.

Given Arcon’s new ambitions for growth and diversification, we have formed new partnerships and alliances, appropriate for meeting the challenges of today. We are members of the GM Providers Group, which is focusing on the development of a housing offer as part of the DevoManc agenda and the Placeshapers Group, a national organisation of community based organisations. We are also active partners in the Community Housing Associations (North West) Group, which is a support network viewing a range of housing and housing related issues with a more local emphasis.

Arcon’s Constitution

Constitutionally, the Association is a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 (registration number 21033R) and with the Regulator of Social Housing, under the Housing Association's Act 1985 (registration number L0249). The Association is an exempt charity within the meaning of section 22 of the Charities Act 2011. Standing Orders and Financial Regulations are reviewed on a regular basis.

Arcon Housing Association Limited has a fully owned subsidiary, Arcon Developments Limited, that is registered under the Companies Act. This subsidiary was established to provide a multi-tenure offer, allowing us to provide market rent and outright sale properties.